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We are a well established domain name registration provider and offer a full range of domain services including domain registration, transfers and renewals as well as domain management, domain parking and domain reselling.

Choosing a Domain Name

* Your domain name can be between 3 and 67 characters long and is not case sensitive.

* It is a good idea to register the same domain name but with different extensions. For example if you want to register, you should consider registering as a minimum, and to ensure that nobody else takes them.

* You may also want to consider registering spelling mistakes and typing errors of yourdomain to capture as large an audience as possible.

* If you have purchased multiple domains as suggested above, you can setup web hosting for and then forward multiple “parked” domains to this domain free of charge (depending on the hosting package that you choose)

* Once you purchase a domain name it can take 12-36 hours for all the DNS servers across the world to see your domain although this is often much quicker these days

Domain Registration

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Domain Transfers

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UK Domain Name Registrar & Nominet Member

Havenswift Hosting is a registered TAG holder and Member of Nominet who are the body responsible for maintaining the register and administering transfers of all .uk domain names. As a member of Nominet, we have a say in the way that Nominet is run and consequently how .uk domains are administered. By registering a .uk domain through ourselves, you are agreeing to Nominet Terms and Conditions as well as our own Terms of Service and are required to complete a tick box on checkout confirming this.

Havenswift Hosting is a registered TAG holder and member of Nominet

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