Most visitors to an E-Commerce website (or in fact any website that collects and stores any sort of personal information !) will look for and expect to find a SSL certificate installed – if your website doesn’t have “the padlock” showing that certain pages are secure then a large percentage of your site visitors will move straight on.

Many E-Commerce store owners believe that they don’t need to install an SSL if they use a payment gateway where the card processing is done on the external payment gateway’s website but the reasons for this not being true are :

  • Website visitor perception – visitors expect to see that certain pages are secure
  • Any website pages where visitors are entering or viewing personal information or usernames / passwords should be secured. This is both to protect your customer’s sensitive data but also is a protection for you, the website owner, against charges that you allowed this data to be intercepted

One of the simpler and cheaper SSL certificates will be more than sufficient if you have simple account registration / login functionality and any payment processing is done on externally hosted pages. If you would like greater security or this is required due to using any form of hosted or “direct” payment gateway, then a higher level of SSL certificate will be required – please discuss with us your requirements and we will advise on the best one for you.

All SSL certificates include signing, installation and testing by ourselves.

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