E-Commerce / Shopping Cart Payment Gateways

A payment gateway is an E-Commerce service that authorises payments for online businesses and is the equivalent of a point of sale terminal that is seen in most retail outlets. Every country has a range of payment gateway providers that specialises in their own country or region and then there are others that operate in most countries of the world.  Most E-Commerce software packages (shopping carts) will have a few payment gateways built into the core code and these will generally be the most common large providers (like PayPal, Google, Amazon etc) and then they will often have a range of additional gateways from their main target markets.  However, with the large number of payment gateways available in each country, and the different costs and benefits from each, it is often the case that an E-Commerce website owner will want to use a different payment gateway from those available.

Havenswift Hosting – Payment Gateway Solution Providers

This is where the experience of Havenswift Hosting comes in – we have experience of, and contacts with, a large number of different payments gateways from around the world.  We are able to advise on which would be the best gateways for your specific business, assist with the sign up procedures and help implement and test the gateway prior to going live with your website.  We have written a large number of gateways for different website applications covering just about every country in the world.

We have detailed in this section of the website some of our favourite payment gateways that are often applicable for a large number of customers but we will always give advice based on what we believe to be the best solution for each client.

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