Web Hosting for E-Commerce Shopping Carts, WordPress and Joomla

Havenswift Hosting is a website hosting company that focuses on E-Commerce & Shopping Cart Solutions which are hosted on our specialised E-Commerce Hosting plans and also CMS Hosting for the most popular CMS products such as WordPress and Joomla which can all be hosted on our standard Shared Website Hosting plans.

E-Commerce website hosting

With E-Commerce accounting for an ever increasing percentage of all retail sales, you need a reliable and professional company working with you in order to take advantage of this trend. It is relatively simple to setup an E-Commerce website using one of the many off the shelf E-Commerce shopping carts available for little or no money but choosing the correct one, getting it setup correctly, ensuring that the on-site SEO is done well and that the site is quick is much more difficult and without this, you will simply be wasting a lot of time and effort.

WordPress website hosting

Specialist and dedicated support

Our team of experienced hosting & support professionals are highly skilled in hosting for web developers, web designers and small to medium sized businesses. Particular expertise exists in MySQL hosting, PHP hosting and cPanel Hosting. If you are seeking a website hosting company that truly values its clients and has great technical expertise which backs our great support service, we welcome the opportunity to work with you.

The myth of “Unlimited” website hosting

Unlike some companies that appear to offer “Unlimited Hosting”, we have always placed limits on disk space and monthly bandwidth, although one of our Shared Hosting plans will suit the vast majority of people wanting to host a website with us. Unlimited Hosting simply does not exist in reality and Havenswift Hosting pride ourselves on providing exceptional support for websites on super quick servers that are never oversold. If you find you need more resources than your current plan gives you, it is simple to upgrade to a higher plan with no penalty and no downtime.

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