One of the more important decisions a CubeCart E-Commerce website owner will need to make, will be which skin he wants to use.  A skin is composed of a collection of template files, javascript and css files and some images and together these determine the design, layout and to a certain extent the functionality and features available.  Skins can also be developed to have sub-themes which are a way of having small differences available as a choice while still using the same skin for example a different colour palette or slightly different layout choices.

CubeCart currently is shipped with a single basic skin called Foundation, which is based on the Smarty template engine and while some users choose to use this skin unaltered, it was never designed to be used this way but rather was meant to be a starting point in a development process.  This process can either be a few minor tweaks and changes or the development can result in a brand new skin.

Unfortunately at the current time, CubeCart has a very limited number of choices when looking for a different skin with some of the ones available being originally written for CubeCart Version 5 or being quite old fashioned in design with mostly small colour or layout differences between many of them.  In addition, some of the skins available are not actively developed or supported which obviously causes issues when new core features are released which require changes to the skin template files to enable them.

Havenswift Hosting have designed, and continue to develop to add new features to, three skins as shown below.  The first of these, Retail Therapy is our flagship skin and is a different layout concept from the normal CubeCart skin layout.  In addition, all three skins available from Havenswift Hosting also come with a free Skin Configuration Plugin which allows store owners to configure and change an increasing number of items that would usually require changes to the skin files themselves and allows store owners to continue to upgrade their skin when new releases are made by us without losing the configuration they have done themselves.

Retail Therapy




Party Time

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