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CubeCart Specialist Hosting from Havenswift Hosting

CubeCart Software

CubeCart is a simple to use but very powerful E-Commerce system that can be used for online stores selling a few products to very large stores selling tens or hundreds of thousands of products and with multi-million pound / dollar turnovers. CubeCart comes with a huge range of built in features but also can be extensively customised through the addition of CubeCart plugins written by third-party developers including our own extensive range of CubeCart Plugins and CubeCart Skins.

CubeCart Installation

We offer FREE CubeCart Installation and basic setup / configuration for all CubeCart sites hosted by us. Our many years of experience means we know a whole range of small changes that should be done for stores that no other hosting company will offer or even know about doing. We can offer expert consultancy in the best ways to configure your CubeCart Installation in order to make the most of the SEO functionality and also advise on any additional plugins or code snippets that may be required to meet your requirements.

CubeCart Hosting

Many website hosting companies can host CubeCart websites and you will find many that offer cheaper hosting packages or offer the ability to host multiple CubeCart sites in a single account. Havenswift Hosting are different in that we only provide quality hosting environments on servers that are not oversold (the cheaper the package on offer from a hosting company the higher the likelihood that the server will be at or over capacity resulting in a slow website). We offer a range of Self-Managed CubeCart Hosting plans and also a range of Fully-Managed CubeCart Hosting plans where we take care of all upgrades and security patches for you.

CubeCart Support

As well as hosting CubeCart Websites, Havenswift Hosting also provide support for your CubeCart store – in fact as far as we know we are the only true hosting company to offer FREE full CubeCart support as part of our CubeCart Shared Hosting plans – whether you choose one of the self-managed or fully-managed hosting plans. Having quality CubeCart support from a specialist web hosting company is invaluable – no more problems with one business blaming the other for problems.

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