Sucuri Website Malware Monitoring, Alerting & Cleaning

Sucuri Malware Security Monitoring & Cleaning

We are pleased to be partnering with Sucuri to offer their range of security services to our clients to add yet another security layer in the fight against website hackers. For a small yearly payment they offer the services shown below – if you want to add this service to yourself please Click Here

Website Malware Monitoring

The scanning service crawls and identifies infections across any type of website and uses a mixture of Sucuri internal resources and external sources of malware information. The scanner is very sophisticated and designed to identify a number of different malware types. They include:

  • Obfuscated JavaScript injections
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
  • Website Defacements
  • Hidden & Malicious iFrames
  • PHP Mailers
  • Phishing Attempts
  • Malicious Redirects
  • Backdoors (e.g., C99, R57, Webshells)
  • Anomalies
  • Drive-by-Downloads
  • IP Cloaking
  • Social Engineering Attacks

Website Malware Alerting

If the scanning service triggers any of the monitors, then an alert is immediately sent to the account holder telling them as quickly as possible of the problem. The alerts provide concise information about the discovered problem so that a quick decision can be made about what action should be taken

Website Malware Cleanup

Each and every Sucuri plan includes a malware removal or cleanup service. The cleanup process is partly automated although the majority is done manually by a malware analyst whose responsibility it is to look through the results, identify anomalies and clean manually as required. Updates are delivered via their ticket system and the process continues until all problems are cleared. If required then we are happy to work with the Sucuri analyst

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