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So you have your fantastic looking website with all the functionality that you wanted – now all you need are visitors to the website and more importantly, if you are selling something, customers. This is actually an important distinction, that while seemingly obvious, is missed by many E-Commerce customers often whose first line in emails to us about SEO is “I need more visitors to my website”. While getting more customers to a website is generally a good thing and you obviously want to be aiming for more rather than less, if they arent buying what you are selling then all this does is make your website busier, using more bandwidth but not earning any more ! So as well as looking to get more visitors, these need to be targeted visitors who are looking for whatever it is that your website provides (purchasable products or information) and then you should also be focusing on converting those visitors (buying your products or subscribing to your newsletter or blog updates).

SEO & Website Marketing Services from Havenswift Hosting

There are a number of different methods to achieve this and Havenswift Hosting offer a variety of SEO Services & Related Products that will help to improve the SEO ranking for your website or help with your website marketing. Below is a very basic introduction to the various different methods that can be used and we will be providing a more in depth series of articles covering various topics to help you understand and improve in these areas if you wish to have a go yourself.

Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is a series of techniques which aim to improve the visibility of a website in the various search engines such as Google and Bing with the goal being for the website to rank as high as possible for a range of relevant keyword search phrases. While this sounds simple in concept, and the basic techniques are easy enough to achieve, achieving this in competition with the huge number of competing websites is much more difficult has has spawned a huge industry. The problem with this while staying within the increasingly strict guidelines put in place by especially Google

Also known by the acronym SEO, it is an online marketing technique that consists of improving the ranking of your website for search results related to keywords that your customers use when they search for a product or service that you offer. SEO consists of using various methods that will make your website more popular on search engines like Google and Bing, and thus more likely to appear closer to the top of search results for keywords that describe it.

Introduction to Website Marketing

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