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Noodleman Abandoned Carts

Cart abandonment causes online retailers a great deal of pain. How much pain?
According to Baymard Institute, a web research company in the UK, 67.45% of online shopping carts are abandoned so for every 100 potential customers, 67 of them will leave without purchasing. How much would your revenues increase if you were capturing those sales instead of losing them?
The CubeCart Abandoned Carts module helps you tap into those missed opportunities by sending automated emails to customers who have abandoned carts.
The price includes 6 months support and access to upgrades, which should be requested directly from the developer Noodleman
* The module makes full use of the CubeCart email template system and supports multiple languages
* On first install the module installs a default email template but you can replace this with your own custom versions if required.
* Toggle automated emails on or off
* define the amount of time that must pass before a cart is considered abandoned
* exclude carts that are older than a configured amount of time
* configure the total number of emails to send your customers, handy if you want to send frequent reminders
* configure the minimum amount of time that must pass before another email is sent to the customer so long as we haven't already matched your email limit
* review live information about carts that are abandoned
* manually email customers who have abandoned carts
* review abandoned carts values and contents
* track the number of emails sent and your conversion rate
* full conversion and financial statistics available using graphs, charts and tables.
* requires NO cubecart code modifications

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Noodleman Back in Stock Notifications

Back in Stock notifications for CubeCart allows your customers to opt-in to receiving an email when an out of stock product becomes available again.
A customer can opt-in to receive a notification or cancel their existing opt-in request.
As an Administrator of the store you are able to view analytical data related to products with back in stock requests allocated to them or removing requests for notification. This may be especially helpful in helping prioritise restocking of specific inventory items with the most interest.
The emails sent to customers is template driven which allows you to modify and style the content as required.
Emails are also sent to the Administrator of the store to notify that a customer has subscribed to a notification for a product. This helps keep you aware of new activity or potential leads to follow up on.
This module requires no modification of any core CubeCart files and is an "upgrade safe" module. The solution does require you to make modifications to your store theme to add the new customer facing options. Steps for code changes and setup are documented within the Install Guide tab of the module.

Noodleman Custom Stock Level Warning Report - Matrix Stock Warnings

Custom stock level warning report plugin is an exciting new plugin which allows you to manage your matrix stock levels easier. You can define a low stock level warning value for each matrix option.
If your matrix stock levels fall below the warning level then the option will appear in a custom report.
The report shows all products, and product options that are below your low stock warning level.
Requires no CubeCart core code edits
Adds the ability to define stock warning levels for matrix options
Custom report shows all products and options that are below the low stock warning level

Noodleman Stock Values & Matrix Cost Price

The plugin adds a new item to the admin menu called "Stock Values". It gives you an overview of your inventory showing you your current stock levels, product costs, prices, profit margins and real time value of your on hand stock and retail value of your stock.
The plugin supports both standard inventory and also inventory that resides in the options matrix, giving you real prices for your product options based on any +/- adjustments that may be applied to each option.
The plugin adds the ability to define cost prices for option matrix items, which is used can help you gather much more accurate stats within the report.

Noodleman Category Discounts

This plugin allows you to apply a discount to the cart total if your customer purchases more than a configured quantity of items from a single category, or spends more than a configured value in a specific category.
Configure the discount rule for each category in your store
New configuration tab with in the Category Add & Edit pages
Enable or Disable the discount rules from the category configuration
Trigger discounts based on minimum category spend
Trigger discounts baed on minimum category purchase quantity
Discounts are based on the value of the items within the category that triggered the discount to be applied
Discount by fixed value
Discount by percentage
Discount is highlighted to the customer at the checkout page
Discount is applied to the cart total in the basket
The purchase of this plugin includes 12 months of Maintenance and Support rather than the usual 6 months.

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Noodleman Absolute Option Matrix Prices

The absolute matrix option prices plugin adds an entirely new way to use product options within CubeCart.
You can define absolute prices at the product matrix option level, build custom price lists with your option combinations, hide out of stock options and dynamically update the display price, stock code and product code based on option selections.
When purchased through us, the price includes 12 months (instead of the usual 6 months) support and access to upgrades which should be requested directly from the developer Noodleman
* Display a list of all matrix option combinations to your customers in a price list format. Your customers can add items direct to their basket from the price list.
* Hide out of stock matrix options (Price list view only)
* Set absolute prices at the option matrix level
* Dynamically update the price on the product page based upon the matrix absolute price
* Dynamically update the product code on the product page after selecting product options
* Dynamically update the stock level on the product page after selecting product options
* Requires no CubeCart core code edits if using version 6.0.11 or higher making it an upgrade safe plugin. The plugin does require you to make SKIN changes although some are already built into our Retail Therapy skin.
* Detailed code samples included within the plugin "Install Guide" tab.
* Hide the buy button if the selected option combination is out of stock
* Highly configurable with extensive documentation within the plugin

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Noodleman Bulk Update Google Merchant Category

Bulk Update Google Category by CubeCart Category plugin allows you to quickly and easily update all of your inventory with a google category. The module works by adding a new tab to your CubeCart category edit screen from which you select the desired google category. Upon pressing the save button all products within the selected category AND all child categories are updated with your selected google category.
Requires no CubeCart code edits.
Quickly and easily bulk update your google category information across your products

Noodleman Category & Document Security

This plugin allows you to configure access rights to categories & documents based on customer group membership. By default, every customer group is granted access to every category & document and you can then configure exclusions.
The store menu is dynamically updated and removes any categories that the customer is not allowed to view. This behaviour can be toggled on or off via the plugin configuration.
The store documents list is dynamically updated and removes any documents that the customer is not allowed to view. This behaviour can be toggled on or off via the plugin configuration.
If a customer uses a direct link to a category or a document that they are not allowed to view then they are redirected back to your store home page without any errors. If you wish, you can redirect the customer to a custom URL of your choosing, perhaps to a product in your store they need to purchase before they are allowed access or a document explaining why they can't view the locked down content.
If the customer tries to access a product which is contained in a category that they are not allowed to view then they are redirected back to the store home page or your custom URL without any errors.
As standard every customer in your store is a member of the "Retail" customer group, but you can also add additional customer groups if required.
One special rule exists within this module, which is that the built in "Retail" group can have it's exclusion overridden by any other customer group. This allows you to remove a category or document for any customer who is not logged in, and then makes it visible after they log in, assuming that is you have not blocked access to their customer group.
When purchased through us, the price includes 12 months (instead of the usual 6 months) support and access to upgrades which should be requested directly from the developer Noodleman

Noodleman Custom Order Status, Colours & Emails

Custom Order Status, Colours &Emails plugin allows you to enhance the way you manage your orders. The plugin lets you define your own custom order status such as "Awaiting Stock". You can change your order status to any of the stadnard or custom defined order status. Once an order status has been changed, both you as the admin and your customer can see the order status.
To help quickly view any specific order status in your order list colour codes have been added. This allows you to select a colour for specific order status. When viewing the orders list the status column will show your colour of choice.
The plugin builds on the custom order status by adding email support. For each new status you add to your system a new email content template is created. You can configure the templates to send your customers specific messages as required. If you do not edit the email template after it is created no emails will be sent. Emails are only sent once you have configured your email template.
Requires no CubeCart code edits (for CubeCart version 6.0.9 or higher).
Create as many custom order status as you require
Associate colours to your existing and new order status
Send emails to your customers when selecing a custom order status
Manage your custom order status email templates using the standard email content template process within CubeCart.
Customers are also able to see the custom defined order status
Quickly see orders in a specific status with the use of colour codes in the order overview screen
When purchased through us, the price includes 12 months (instead of the usual 6 months) support and access to upgrades which should be requested directly from the developer Noodleman

Noodleman Customer Loyalty and Rewards Plugin

This plugin allows you to look after your loyal customers by giving them something back. Configure the plugin with your reward values, As customers make purchases they are allocated "Reward Points". You can configure the value of a single point, and how many points a customer will earn when spending their money. Points will expire over time, but you control how long they remain valid for. Once a customer has earnt points, they can use them to discount future orders. You can keep track of how many points a customer has by checking the usage stats within the user edit screen. The customer can keep track of how many points they have through their account overview pages. You can add to each product how many points, or the cash value they will earn in reward for the purchase. You can also apply an override, giving or taking points away from a specific customer.
Configure how much money a customer must spend to earn a single loyalty point
Configure the cash value of a single point
Configure how man days points will remain valid
Choose if any manual adjustments to points will expire over time, or remain valid until used
Only orders which have a status of "Processing" or "Order Completed" will earn points for the customer
If an order is cancelled, or any other status than "Processing" or "Order Completed" the points are not added to the customer
Admin can review the points for any customer using a "Reward Points" tab in the customer details screen
Admin can see for a specific customer, "Available Points", "Available Currency", "All Time Points Earnings", "All Time Currency Earnings", "All Time Points Spent", "All Time Currency Spent", "Manual Adjustments"
Admin can review the last 10 orders in which points were earnt, or redeemed for a discount
After enabling the plugin, points are allocated to all of your existing customers, not just for new orders
When viewing the basket the points available for discounting are shown in a drop down list
Customers can review their rewards in the "Your Account" screen using a newly added "Loyalty Scheme" option.
Customers can see "Available Points", "Value of Points"
Customers can easily see which orders have earnt them points, and which orders they have spent points on
On any product screen, the total number of available points is available to use in your template if you wish to promote your rewards scheme
On any product screen, the total cash value of the rewards for purchasing the product is available to use in your template if you wish to promote your rewards scheme
Rewards are shown as a discount on the checkout pages in red, and cart totals are updated
A note is added to new orders telling the admin that the order used loyalty points

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Noodleman Dashboard Widgets & Advanced Reports

This plugin allows you to add widgets to your admin dashboard as well as adding enhanced reports. There are a number of predefined dashboard widgets to choose from, simply pick the ones you wish to be displayed on your dashboard.
When purchased through us, the price includes 12 months (instead of the usual 6 months) support and access to upgrades, which should be requested directly from the developer Noodleman
* Requires no CubeCart code edits.
* Adds custom widgets to your store admin dashboard
* A custom sales report allows for a better overview of your sales performance between your defined date ranges
* Configure the starting date range for your widget statistics
* This module will grow over time with more reports and widgets. If you would like a specific report feature or widget adding please open a support ticket, it will be added in an update

Noodleman Discount Price Tiers

This simple plugin allows you to setup discount price tiers by either percentages or fixed amounts and allocate them to either everybody, or to specific customer groups.
You can define as many price tiers as required. Once your customer has reached the configured spend value (subtotal) the configured discount will be applied to the cart.
The purchase of this plugin includes 6 months of Maintenance and Support. Full details about our maintenance & support can be found on our support & maintenance pages.
This plugin is available from our downloads page
Show price tier discount information when viewing products (if applicable)
The subtotal is adjusted when the customer reaches a price tier level
The applied discount is added to the "total discount" information available on the checkout page
Create an unlimited number of price tier levels
Apply different price tiers to different customer groups
When purchased through us, the price includes 12 months (instead of the usual 6 months) support and access to upgrades which should be requested directly from the developer Noodleman

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Noodleman Europe VAT - Automated VAT Number check and processing

This plugin allows your customers to supply a VAT number during registration, or update their profile with a new VAT number. VAT numbers are verified using the European Commission VIES VAT Validation service.
Customer supplied VAT numbers verified
Customer can update VAT number at any time
Automated group membership based on validity of VAT number
Admin can view public information about the VAT number in the customer record
Admin can update the VAT number, or re-validate the VAT number

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Noodleman Internal Notes

You can store as many notes as you wish, the most recent note is displayed first. You can see who added the note and the date/time that the note was saved.
Notes can be deleted if they are no longer required.

  • Internal notes allows you to store notes that only admins can see against a variety of objects which are
Noodleman Preorder Goods

This plugin for CubeCart allows you to let your customers purchase items before they are released, preordering the goods before the product launch.
When purchased through us, the price includes 12 months (instead of the usual 6 months) support and access to upgrades which should be requested directly from the developer Noodleman
* Highly configurable with any Cubecart skin
* Modify the buy buttons to show the purchase is a preorder
* Dynamically apply any text you like to each product if it is in a preorder status
* Configure the product launch date
* Configure the date on which to enable ordering
* Configure the format of the dates

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Noodleman Price List

This plugin allows you to add a dynamic price list to your store documents which shows your customer real time retail prices.
If you modify a product price, or add/remove product options, the list is instantly refreshed.
This gives you a single page that you can link to your customers and has SEO benefits for your store.
This plugin require no code edits
Configurable Style - you can customise the way the table looks by simply updating your skin's CSS file - should you want some assistance doing this please open a support ticket.

Noodleman Product Addons - Easily Purchase Related Products

Product Addons is a plugin which allows you to associate your main products with related accessories so your customer can purchase everything with one click so is a must have for anybody who sells accessories.
When purchased through us, the price includes 12 months (instead of the usual 6 months) support and access to upgrades which should be requested directly from the developer Noodleman
Auto add multiple products to the basket from a single product page
Allows you to link an unlimited number of addon products to a main product
CubeCart 6 requires no code edits (only skin changes)
Product options within addons are fully supported
Addons respect stock levels if enabled
Addon prices can be dynamic or changed from the standard price as part of a promotion
If a customer adds a main product and addon products to the basket, but then removes the main product. Any price adjustments to the addon products are removed
Tax rules are respected even when making price adjustments

Noodleman Product Filters

Product filters is a module which offers advanced dynamic filtering of products by category based on product meta data. It can be used to drive a dynamic site menu if required. The module offers two different operating models
Needle & Haystack
This model is based on the concept that all of your inventory is in a SINGLE category within your store. all of the inventory in one category is considered the haystack. Customers then apply filters to help them find the products of interest. in this case the products are the needles.
This model works very well with the dynamic menu feature of the module. Menu items are essentially shortcuts to pre-selected filters which help the customer find the items of interest quicker.
Category sub-filter
This model is based on a more traditional category filter system. As a customer enters a category they are offered relevant filters based on the inventory in the category. Selecting filters will show the customer only items they are interested in. Another way of looking at this model is that each category is a haystack, much like the needle and haystack model above. In this case you have multiple haystacks for customers to explore.
This model does support the dynamic menu, but it works better with a traditional category based menu.
* Two operating models. Needle & Haystack or Category sub-filter
*Dynamic filter options based on inventory meta data
Within the product filters module setup the Filter Types and Filter Values that apply to your store inventory. When editing a product in your store you can select the filter values which are applicable to your product. Selected Filter Values are used to dynamically build filter options for customers
*Dynamic navigation menu
This is optional depending on how you wish to use the module. The menu supports a maximum of two levels. Top level menu items are known as Filter Groups. Top level filter groups can be linked with a filter value or simply used as a container for other menu items. Depending on the model you are using you can apply the filter group to either your category containing all of your inventory or to a variety of store categories. If you are not making use of the dynamic navigation menu it is recommended to disable the menu by checking the "Disable Dynamic Menu" checkbox in the module general settings. This will disable the calculation of the menu items in the background which offers a slight performance improvement.
*Price Filter
Both models support the use of price filters. It is recommended to only setup a single price filter by checking the Price Filter box with the Filter Types tab. When a filter type is a price filter the inventory being filtered is evaluated and split into price ranges as configured in your filter values. A Price Filter requires Filter Values to be configured as numerical ranges. For example, "0 - 10" represents a price filter range of 0 to 10. Any products with its price in the range of 0 - 10 would fall into this filter value. Price filters are not intended to be used in the dynamic menu.
Filter Groups, Filter Types and Filter Values are all sortable. The order you define them as within the module configuration is how the items will display on the store front
*Dynamic SEO paths
SEO links and data is dynamically built based on your Filters. SEO paths are dynamically built by joining together the SEO path of the parent category, Filter Types and Filter Values. You can review generated SEO links within the SEO Paths tab on a per category basis. Generated SEO paths are added to your store sitemap. You can rebuild the paths at any time using the Rebuild button. It is recommended to rebuild your SEO paths after making any changes to filters or inventory. As changes can be frequent the module includes a script which can be scheduled using CRON to rebuild your paths regularly. The cron file is found in the /modules/plugins/product_filters/cron directory and required no configuration to enable, simply setup the cron task on your server. It is recommended to rebuild paths during quiet periods on your store such as overnight. If no SEO path has been defined for a Filter Type or Filter Value when the rebuild process runs a default value will be generated.
*Dynamic SEO titles, descriptions and keywords
SEO titles, descriptions and keywords can be used if you wish. Much like the SEO Paths, titles, descriptions and keywords will merge with the parent category SEO data based on Filter Types and Filter Values. Should you not wish to use this feature you can leave the values as NULL and they will be skipped.
*Enable & Disable Filter conditions
You can toggle on or off Filter Groups, Filter Types and Filter Values. A disabled filter condition will be excluded from the menu and filter options shown on the store front but keeps the association of the filter conditions with your store inventory.
*Linked Document with Filter Value
This can be a very useful feature if you are using the Needle & Haystack model or Category sub-filter model. Any document within your store can be linked to a Filter Value. If a customer applies a filter condition which is linked to a document then the document content is displayed to the customer before the product list. An example of this would be if a customer chose a Filter Type of "Manufacturer" and Filter Value of "Microsoft" and the Filter Value is linked with a Microsoft document with promotional material. The promotional material specific to Microsoft is displayed before the product list.

  • The module has the following features
  • *Filter & Value sort order
Noodleman Related Products - Manual & Automated Recommendations

This plugin dynamically recommends related products to your customers. This is a simple plugin, just enable it, configure the max number of related products you want to show your customers and add the required skin changes to your store skin. Sample code for your skin is included for both CC5 & CC6.
As of version 1.0.4 of the module it is now possible to configure specific items as related product. You can mix and match manually related products and automated products. For example, if your have configured a maximum of 10 related products, and defined 3 manually related products, the module will select 7 related products for you to hit the limit.
When purchased through us, the price includes 12 months (instead of the usual 6 months) support and access to upgrades, which should be requested directly from the developer Noodleman
* Limit the max number of related products to show your customers
* Dynamically finds related products
* Manually add related products
* Define the sort order of manually added related products
* No code edits required, only skin additions
* works with CubeCart 5 & CubeCart 6

Noodleman Show Prices With and Without VAT

Show prices with and without tax is an exciting new plugin which gives you full control over how you display your pricing to customers. You can choose to display all of your prices including tax, excluding tax via options in the plugin.
The plugin also makes available a selection of new smarty variables which can be used in your store skin. Using these new variables it is possible to display your prices to your customers exactly how you would like.
The plugin supports your customer groups (if you use them) and will dynamically show your customer the prices including and excluding tax specific to them.
You can also add a box / menu to your website and allow your customers to select the prices they wish to see, tax inclusive of tax excluded.
Requires no CubeCart core code edits
Can choose to display all of your prices including tax
Can choose to display all of your prices excluding tax
Makes new smarty template variables available for use in your store skin designs giving you full control of how your prices look.
Shows the prices based upon your store tax rules
Customer groups are supported
Works with all pricing areas of CubeCart, such as Latest Products, Categories product list, viewing a product, product options, featured procudes, populat products / best sellers.
Allows customers to choose to see prices including or excluding tax