Affiliates (3)

Havenswift Hosting affiliate accounts - earn on-going revenue by referring hosting customers to us

Client Area & Billing (1)

All areas available after you have logged into your Havenswift Hosting account

cPanel - Control Panel (4)

cPanel is our preferred choice for hosting control panel software on all our shared hosting servers

Domain names (4)

All you need to know about working with domain names from your Havenswift Hosting account

Email (5)

All you ever wanted to know about setting up email addresses, accessing them using web browsers or your favourite computer based programs

Errors and Problems (1)

Details about various errors you may see or problems like not being able to see your website

FTP (7)

What is FTP ? How to use it to upload files to your account

Getting Started (4)

You want a website ? This section answers many questions you may have

htaccess & robots.txt questions (3)

What are the htaccess and robots.txt files and how can I use them ?

MySQL Database (2)

Questions regarding the setup and use of MySQL databases provided by Havenswift Hosting

Pre-Sales Questions (5)

Answers to questions that customers have asked before signing up with Havenswift Hosting

Shared Hosting (0)

An explanation of what Shared Hosting is and how it works for website hosting

SSL certificates (0)

What is a SSL certificate and do I need one on my shared hosting account

Web Traffic & Site Stats (1)

How to check what web traffic you are receiving and analyse this data

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