Changing web hosts: A Step by Step Tutorial

Here is how you can move your site(s) to our servers:

1 - Log in to CPanel of your previous host using your username/password.

2 - Select "Backup" then "Generate/Download full backup".

3 - Remove the email address from the box

4 - Select "Remote FTP Server (Password Mode Transfer)" from the pull down menu box

5 - For FTP host, enter the IP Address of our server (as given in your welcome email). This will be in the form of:

7 - For the FTP Username, enter your username (as given in your welcome email).

8 - For FTP Password, enter your password (as given in your welcome email).

This will upload all your backup files to your area on our server

Once you have done the backup, contact us through our support helpdeskand ask us to restore your backups. We will then restore each site, thereby restoring all the data, configuration, email, mysql, public_html, etc etc on to your new hosting plan at one of our servers.

Once we have completed the restore, we will advise you.

Finally, complete the transfer of your domain name to our servers. At that time you can change the name servers that your sites point to, to those that are detailed in your welcome email. This will ensure a smooth transition with (virtually) no downtime.

Note: you may experience some delays in receiving emails during this transition as the DNS for email takes longer to propagate. No email will be lost but some may be delayed.

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