cPanel Disk Usage Warning

If you are running low on disk space you may receive an automatic warning from our cPanel Hosting Servers.
This email is to let you know that you are running low on space.

Where Has All My Space Gone?

You need to review your current space usage - this can be done by performing the following actions:

  • Log into CPanel
  • Under files select "Disk Space Usage"

In this section you can review where all your data is located and therefore where the likely problems may be.

What Options Do I Have?

Your options are explained below.

1. Clearing Unused Files

If you have an ftp account and are able to identify some unused files that you had uploaded and are no longer using you can remove these.

Remember deleting anything in your /public_html/ directory may effect your website!

2. Clean your email

This is a common way of using a lot of disk space especially if you use IMAP email configuration. This means that your email is stored on the server and therefore contributes to your disk usage. You have a couple of options: you can delete some email, or you can change your email to POP3. Changing to POP3 will mean that you will download your email to your computer and store it there.
While this moves the disk storage for your email from our server to your own computer it does have some down sides:

  • No Access to downloaded email on webmail.
  • Email is not backed up as part of any backup routine.
  • If you have a problem with your computer and lose your email files, you lose the email.

3. Upgrade your package

You are able to upgrade your hosting package which will always include extra disk space.

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