How do I log into my Havenswift Hosting cPanel account

It is possible to access your cPanel account by logging into your Havenswift Hosting account, click on "Services" in the menu and then click on the "My Services" link in the dropdown menu.  This will list all products and services that you have with Havenswift Hosting and you can then scroll through, find the hosting package that you want to access cPanel for and then click on the "Active" button on the right hand side. You will then find on the left hand side a list of "Actions", one of which is a cPanel login link which takes you straight into your hosting control panel, without needing to know the username and password each time and also without needing to know which of our servers your account is currently on.  This is the recommended method of accessing cPanel but it is always possible to access a cPanel account by going to where XXXXX is the server name that the specific account is hosted on.

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