What are my nameserver details?

If you purchased a domain through us then the nameservers will have been set automatically (however, is always pays to check just in case!)

However, if you purchased hosting for a domain that you already own and is managed with another registrar, then the best solution is to transfer that domain over to us so it is fully managed and renewed through your Havenswift Hosting control panel or alternatively, you will need to change the nameservers to the following :

ns1.havenswift-hosting.co.uk :      2a02:2498:1:71:225:90ff:fe55:3896

ns2.havenswift-hosting.co.uk :      2a02:2498:1:71:21f:d0ff:fe3d:9df6

ns3.havenswift-hosting.co.uk :    2a02:2498:1:227:225:90ff:fec1:5ea8

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