Can I point multiple domains to my website

If you own multiple domain names such as different TLD (Top Level Domains) or even common spelling variations then you may want to point these domain names to your main website. Examples of this using our own domain could be, or even

In order to do this you need to :

1. Change the nameservers for each of the domains so that they are exactly the same as your main website domain.  See article Setting Havenswift Hosting Nameservers

2. Login into your cPanel account - if you are unsure what these details are, please read our article Checking cPanel Account Details

3. Look for and click the Aliases icon in the Domain section of the control panel.

4. Add each secondary domain name as an alias domain.

We also recommend that after you've added your alias domains, you also click the Redirects icon and set up redirects from them to the primary domain name or indeed to any url within your site (ie it doesn't have to be the homepage) - please ensure you specify whether your site preference is to use the www. or non www. form of your domain name. Search engines are likely to punish your site rankings if they discover identical content on two different host names, and each domain name is a different host name. If you redirect all of your aliased domains to the primary domain, you will avoid this potential problem which is known as canonicalisation.

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