When Using FileZilla, I am getting "Too Many Connections"

When uploading or downloading lots of files using the FileZilla FTP client, unless you have correctly configured FileZilla, you will get this message and then also likely get blocked in the server firewall because as part of our security setup, we restrict the number of open connections from one single IP.

If you have been using FileZilla (or another FTP client as we have been receiving reports of this behaviour from other FTP clients as well) and can no longer see your website or connect via FTP or cPanel then please read the following article Blocked in Server Firewall and then also read our blog posting about how to check for and Unblock Your IP Address in Server Firewall

By default, FileZilla opens lots of different connections to help “speed” the process up although this does not actually help across our range of shared hosting servers due to the way our servers are configured.  Even if these actions by FileZilla did make a small difference to the transfer speed, we believe our servers are there to provide fast response times for visitors to the websites hosted by us and dont want server resources taken by FTP programs in an attempt to claim that they are "the quickest FTP program around"

Our recommendation is to not use FileZilla and there are hundreds of very good FTP clients available either for free or for very small one-off payments.  However, if you do still want to use it then you will need to limit the number of simultaneous connections FileZilla can make

1. Open the Site Manager (File | Site Manager)

2. Open the 'Transfer Settings' tab

3. Tick the 'Limit number of simultaneous connections' checkbox

4. Enter  1 as the 'Maximum number of connections' field

If you also need to browse the site while doing the transfer, then you can simply open a second FileZilla instance

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