BetterWPSecurity Plugin for WordPress Updated

BetterWPSecurity Plugin for WordPress Updated.

BetterWPSecurity WordPress Plugin

Version 3.5.4 released

The developers of this fantastic WordPress Security plugin have today announced that they have released the latest version (3.5.4) and we are recommending that all customers using this plugin within their WordPress websites should immediately upgrade. The latest version contains some 20 changes including new languages, improved error checking and reporting (none of which will be too important for most) but it also contains several bug fixes and most importantly it fixes a XSS vulnerability and several other security related issues. For a full list of the changes in this version and all previous versions, you should read the BetterWPSecurity Changelog

Version 4 due for release later in 2013

In the same announcement, the developer also announced that this is likely to be the last release within the V3.X version tree as development of version 4 is progressing well and that they expect a release in Autumn (or as announced – in the “Fall”) of this year. This is of course assuming that no further security issues are discovered when we are sure that they will be patched immediately.

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