CubeCart PayPal Commerce Plugin Requires Mandatory Phone Number

The PayPal Commerce plugin is currently the only officially supported plugin for CubeCart but unfortunately this PayPal plugin is written to overwrite the customer address and phone number details in CubeCart with the details held in the PayPal account. This is apparently mandated by PayPal and seems to be a problem for other E-Commerce systems as well. We believe that this is wrong as a […]

CubeCart 6.1.5 Released

CubeCart version 6.1.5 released What has changed in CubeCart V6.1.5 This release contains two minor security issues, several new hooks, two new functional improvements and 40 plus bug fixes. The two low risk security fixes are detailed in issues 1491 and 1492 and while these are not too serious, it is always recommended to upgrade for any security issue. However, if you are still running […]

CubeCart V5 End of Life Announcement

CubeCart V5 End of Life Announcement The CubeCart team have today announced that version 5 of this very popular E-Commerce open source software product will reach end of life on 24th November 2016 and no further release updates, including security releases, will be made available after this date. A large number of V5 users have already upgraded to V6 as the upgrade path is straight […]

CubeCart Software Licence Server to be switched off 7th Dec

CubeCart Software Licence Server to be switched off 7th Dec As originally announced over five months ago, the CubeCart team will be switching off their software license key server. This is a consequence of the E-Commerce software having moved to an Open Source model at the beginning of 2015. This means that the admin panel of some CubeCart stores will stop working if : your […]

CubeCart 6.0.8 Released

CubeCart version 6.0.8 released What has changed in CubeCart V6.0.8 This release is a maintenance release with no significant functional changes. It does include three low risk security patches for issues 795, 845 and 846 – if you are still running a version below 6.0.7 then an immediate upgrade is VERY strongly recommended due to the critical security issue patched in that version. The release […]

Critical Security Issue in CubeCart V5 and V6

Critical Security Issue in CubeCart V5 and V6 What versions of CubeCart are affected Affected versions are 5.2.12 through to 6.0.6. What is the security issue If an administrator’s email is known to a hacker it may be possible to take control of the account and have complete access to the store’s control panel. What steps should be taken CubeCart have released a patch for […]

CubeCart 6.0.6 Released

CubeCart version 6.0.6 released What has changed in CubeCart V6.0.6 While this release is not a feature packed upgrade (and doesnt include any security concerns), it does include 6 new features as detailed below (the first two of which were added as a result of our requests!) as well as a further 31 bug fixes, optimisations and upgrades to third party (in this case Smarty) […]

CubeCart 5.2.13 Released

CubeCart version 5.2.13 released What has changed in CubeCart V5.2.13 This update has been two months coming since 5.2.12 was release back in early June but is worth waiting for as there has been numerous bug fixes but also some good new functionality. There are no security issue fixes within this release, so there is no immediately urgent requirement to upgrade but it is strongly […]

CubeCart V5 Newsletter Management & Unsubscription

CubeCart Newsletter Management & Unsubscription In CubeCart V5, the newsletter functionality was enhanced to include a basic html template system which is available through the Admin | File Manager | Email Templates program and then by selecting the Email Templates tab. There is a Default Newsletter template supplied with core CubeCart which is a table based html document which displays the store image, provides an […]

CubeCart 5.2.10 Released

CubeCart version 5.2.10 released What has changed in CubeCart V5.2.10 since V5.2.9 This quick update coming so soon after the release of 5.2.9 is due to some issues introduced in the 5.2.9 release relating to new session ID regeneration code. Anyone that upgraded to 5.2.9 should immediately upgrade to 5.2.10 – those that hadnt yet upgraded to 5.2.9 as still recommended to upgrade as soon […]

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