New cPanel feature Greylisting enabled on all Servers

New cPanel feature Greylisting enabled on all Servers. With the recent upgrades to cPanel 11.50 that have been done across our full range of servers, we are pleased to announce some fantastic new functionality called Greylisting that will dramatically cut down on the amount of spam delivered to your email mailboxes. Firstly, emails sent with a valid SPF record (Sender Policy Framework) are immediately delivered. […]

Cloudflare now available on all Shared & Reseller Hosting

Cloudflare now available on all Shared & Reseller Hosting We are pleased to announce the immediate and FREE availability of CloudFlare for all customers using any of our Shared Hosting or Reseller Hosting plans. Our new partnership with CloudFlare provides free and simple access to the web’s easiest performance and security solution. As a CloudFlare Certified Partner, we deliver their simple and free solution to […]

Claim Your .UK Domain

Claim and Register Your .UK Domain We are pleased to announce new functionality on our website to Claim and Register a .uk domain if you are entitled to do so ! Last year when Nominet announced their intention to create a new .UK TLD it created mixed reactions from many people with very heated debates across the internet (and on our blog post) with people […]

New Reseller Website Hosting Plans from Havenswift Hosting

New Reseller Website Hosting Plans from Havenswift Hosting. We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new Reseller Hosting plans – details of which can be seen in our Reseller Centre. Plans can be ordered straight away and will be immediately provisioned but we will continue to add to the Reseller Centre area and expand this to give developers and people looking to […]

New cPanel Account Security Questions

New cPanel Account Security Questions. Some customers may already have noticed that we have recently implemented a new security policy when logging into your cPanel Hosting Control Panel – Security Questions. This applies to all cPanel accounts across our range of Shared Hosting servers and will mean that the next time that you try to access your cPanel account, you will be presented with the […]

New Firewall IP Unblock Utility

Unblock Your Own IP Address From Server Firewall. One of the constant battles that all hosting companies have is trying to combat the huge numbers of attempted hacking attacks against servers. One small part of the protection we have in place across all of our servers is a brute force login protection that monitors failed login attempts whether into email, cPanel, FTP or even a […]

Welcome to our new updated website !

Welcome to New Havenswift Hosting Website. This is the first of what will become regular blog postings now we have finally launched our new website !  We will be covering a huge range of informative topics but if there is ever something that you would like us to post about – just contact us ! The new website will be evolving over the next few […]

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