.wales and .cymru domain names available

.wales and .cymru domain names available Is your business based in Wales or do you provide services or products targeted to customers in Wales – if so then you are now able to register .wales and also .cymru domain names. Local domain name extensions like these help to show potential customers where you do business and make them feel more comfortable using you. They give […]

Speed up website transfers by reducing TTL (Time To Live)

Speed up website transfers by reducing TTL (Time To Live) What is the TTL or Time To Live setting TTL is a setting for each DNS record that specifies how long a DNS resolver on the internet caches, or remembers, the DNS settings before they expire and a new query needs to be done. TTL in DNS records is specified as a number of seconds. […]

Important update about the .EU registry

Important information about the .EU registry and domains There are two important announcements regarding the .EU registry regarding their registration platform and also the renewal / expiry lifecycle of .EU domains which will affect all current or future holders of any .EU domain. EURid offline for two days for maintenance EURid is the European registry that manages the .eu country code top-level domain. On the […]

Claim Your .UK Domain

Claim and Register Your .UK Domain We are pleased to announce new functionality on our website to Claim and Register a .uk domain if you are entitled to do so ! Last year when Nominet announced their intention to create a new .UK TLD it created mixed reactions from many people with very heated debates across the internet (and on our blog post) with people […]

ICAAN domain registration WHOIS data validation requirements

ICAAN domain registration WHOIS data validation requirements. On the 1st January 2014 ICAAN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) brought in new rules and regulations that affect gTLD (generic top-level domains) names such as .com and .net, requiring all accredited registrars and resellers to check contact information when a new domain is registered or when registrant contact information changes on existing domains. When a […]

Domain Website Search Engine Submission Scam

Domain Website Search Engine Submission Scam It seems that some scams never die and while we have not seen this one for a little while, over the last few months it has started appearing again. Within a few days of registering a domain name you may receive an email similar to the one shown below and then it will be followed up seven or so […]

Nominet announces the introduction of second level .uk domain names

Nominet announces second level .uk domain names Nominet has recently announced that they will be going ahead with the introduction of the second level .uk domain names – so for example havenswift-hosting.uk will be available – this is expected to happen during the Summer of 2014 and the pricing for these domains will be the same as for all other .uk domain available through Nominet. […]

Internet makes history as 7 new TLDs go live today

Internet makes history as 7 new TLDs go live today Seven new TLDs launch in Sunrise today, marking the beginning of a new Internet era. If you register one of these new TLD’s you’ll be one of the first to have a personalised domain extension. Whether you are creating a new website or even complementing your existing one, you are setting yourself up for success […]

Launch of new TLD watchlist

Launch of new Top Level Domains / Domain Extensions. This year thousands of new TLDs, more commonly known as domain extensions, will begin to be launched – the aim of these is to make the internet more intuitive. Instead of the few generic or country level domain extensions such as .com, .co.uk, .net etc that are used by most websites today, the new TLDs will […]

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