BetterWPSecurity Plugin for WordPress Updated

BetterWPSecurity Plugin for WordPress Updated. Version 3.5.4 released The developers of this fantastic WordPress Security plugin have today announced that they have released the latest version (3.5.4) and we are recommending that all customers using this plugin within their WordPress websites should immediately upgrade. The latest version contains some 20 changes including new languages, improved error checking and reporting (none of which will be too […]

New cPanel Account Security Questions

New cPanel Account Security Questions. Some customers may already have noticed that we have recently implemented a new security policy when logging into your cPanel Hosting Control Panel – Security Questions. This applies to all cPanel accounts across our range of Shared Hosting servers and will mean that the next time that you try to access your cPanel account, you will be presented with the […]

New Java version for Windows (Version 7 Update 25) & Java Uninstall Tool

New Java version for Windows & Java Uninstall Tool. A new version (Version 7 Update 25) of this widely used software has been released and anyone who has this installed on their Windows PC should immediately upgrade as it contains important enhancements to improve performance, stability and security of the Java applications that run on your machine. You should be automatically notified that a new […]

WordPress 3.5.2 Maintenance & Security Release

WordPress have just released version 3.5.2 which contains some 7 important security fixes and we urge anyone using WordPress to immediately upgrade For further details of the security issues and bug fixes in this version, please visit WordPress 3.5.2 Maintenance and Security Release

Immediately Upgrade WordPress WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache Plugins

Upgrade WordPress WP Super Cache and W3TC Plugins. These are two of the highest ranked WordPress plugins in terms of number of installations and are certainly the highest with regard to caching functionality.  Both however have recently been disclosed as having severe security related vulnerabilities – namely a Remote Code Execution vulnerability which would allow any attacker to run commands of the attacker’s choice on […]

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