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Claim and Register Your .UK Domain

Claim you .UK Domain through Havenswift Hosting

We are pleased to announce new functionality on our website to Claim and Register a .uk domain if you are entitled to do so !

Last year when Nominet announced their intention to create a new .UK TLD it created mixed reactions from many people with very heated debates across the internet (and on our blog post) with people either loving it or hating the idea. Whatever your personal views, the .uk domain arrived and is here to stay and owners of current domains need to decide whether they want to purchase the new shorter version of their domain, either to use by swapping their website over, to park it for future use or simply to prevent anyone else from buying it in the future. While there is no rush to make this decision, as Nominet have reserved the .uk domain for five years to be exclusively available to (mostly) the current domain registrant, there has been a massive uptake in registrations both of pre-reserved domains and also ones that arent reserved and are available for anyone to register.

This new section on our website explains the reservation process, allows anyone to check to see if a specific .uk domain is reserved and if so, shows who has the right to register it and finally then takes you through the process.

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