Cloudflare now available on all Shared & Reseller Hosting

Cloudflare now available on all Shared & Reseller Hosting

Cloudflare Certified Partner

We are pleased to announce the immediate and FREE availability of CloudFlare for all customers using any of our Shared Hosting or Reseller Hosting plans. Our new partnership with CloudFlare provides free and simple access to the web’s easiest performance and security solution. As a CloudFlare Certified Partner, we deliver their simple and free solution to help protect and accelerate your website. Once your website joins the CloudFlare community, it can load at least twice as fast as before and is also protected from a range of online threats.

Enabling CloudFlare is very easy, you simply need to log into your cPanel control panel and look for the CloudFlare icon. With two clicks, you can activate CloudFlare and your website will automatically be faster and safer.

Faster website performance with CloudFlare & Havenswift Hosting

CloudFlare run a large and increasing number of data centres located around the world and when you sign up for their service, they begin routing your traffic to the nearest data centre.

CloudFlare Data Centre Locations

CloudFlare acts as a CDN solution meaning that website visitors will load large parts of your website from the data centre nearest to them, as the traffic passes through their data centres and they are able to automatically determine what parts of your website are static versus dynamic. The static portions are cached on their servers for a short period of time, typically less than 2 hours before they check to see if they’ve been updated. By automatically moving the static parts of your site closer to your visitors, the overall performance of your site improves significantly.

On average, CloudFlare customers see a 65% decrease in total requests to their servers and the overall effect is that enabling CloudFlare will typically cut the load time for pages on a website by at least 50%, which means higher engagement and happier visitors.

We will be posting more articles on this exciting new service over the coming days and weeks covering topics such as using CloudFlare with SSL and also their integration with SPDY

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