CloudFlare to open data centres in mainland China

CloudFlare to open new data centres in mainland China

CloudFlare Data Centre Locations

CloudFlare have recently announced in an interview given by Matthew Prince, CloudFlare CEO and co-founder, to TechCrunch that they will add to their current 28 data centre locations, as shown above, by opening 12 new data centres in mainland China over the next six months. CloudFlare have only recently expanded from 23 to the current 28 locations and these new data centres in China will allow the company to beta launch a local service in January 2015 in what is already their second largest marketplace in terms of traffic and users.

While China is a sensitive marketplace for companies, the presence in China is not only expected to significantly increase the speed and reliability of the service to their current Chinese customers, they also believe they will be able to mitigate the risk of cyber attacks on customer sites and also offset threats to CloudFlare’s own global network.

“Many of the very bad attacks [on our network] originate from inside China. Right now, they can affect parts of our network that are not inside China. Now we can start to absorb those attacks inside China, so it doesn’t hit our global network,” Prince explained.

CloudFlare has partnered with an unidentified local company as most international companies generally must do to achieve regulatory compliance and operate in China. The local partner company will handle censorship of material designated by the Chinese government, so any such content will be available outside of China while CloudFlare remains in compliance locally.

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