CubeCart 5.2.10 Released

CubeCart E-Commerce

CubeCart version 5.2.10 released

What has changed in CubeCart V5.2.10 since V5.2.9

This quick update coming so soon after the release of 5.2.9 is due to some issues introduced in the 5.2.9 release relating to new session ID regeneration code. Anyone that upgraded to 5.2.9 should immediately upgrade to 5.2.10 – those that hadnt yet upgraded to 5.2.9 as still recommended to upgrade as soon as possible due to the security issue that is fixed and the multiple functionality and bug fixes included in that release.

  • Fixes “random” admin logout
  • Fixes image list on add/edit product
  • Fixes issue with blank screens from custom language phrases

CubeCart V5 Upgrade

If you are already running CubeCart V5, then completing this upgrade can often be as simple as clicking on “Upgrade” within the Admin | Maintenance area. However there are some points to note specific to this version upgrade and if you are not comfortable with any of these then we strongly suggest that you order the CubeCart upgrade service from us.

  • Put the store into maintenance mode and then always do a full backup before upgrading
  • Always test the store immediately after the upgrade, before taking the store out of maintenance mode
  • The CubeCart setup folder needs to be manually deleted via FTP
  • If you have made any changes to core files or any of the core skin files then these will be over-written
  • If you are using the 3rd party Vector skin then this requires a small change to one core file. This is still required even though the CubeCart team have now added a new hook but the Vector skin still needs to be upgraded in order to use this

For any customers that are running the Shopdev Vector theme that will be doing their own upgrade, please feel free to Open a Support Ticket if you would like us to make this small code change on your behalf.

Our support team are available to perform this upgrade for any current V5 website whether you are already a customer of Havenswift Hosting or not – if you would like help or advice, then again please Open a Support Ticket or simply order the CubeCart Upgrade service from us.

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Havenswift Hosting on 29 Apr, 2014

A small problem in 5.2.10 has been identified and fixed for release in 5.2.11 which prevented stock levels being set to 0 through the admin interface. This was originally reported on which also shows the simple fix. If any clients that have already upgraded to 5.2.10 and would like this patched before 5.2.11 is made available, please log a support ticket

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