CubeCart 6.1.5 Released

CubeCart version 6.1.5 released

CubeCart E-Commerce

What has changed in CubeCart V6.1.5

This release contains two minor security issues, several new hooks, two new functional improvements and 40 plus bug fixes.

The two low risk security fixes are detailed in issues 1491 and 1492 and while these are not too serious, it is always recommended to upgrade for any security issue. However, if you are still running a version below 6.1.4 then an immediate upgrade is VERY strongly recommended due to the critical security issue fixed in that version.

The new functional changes are the addition of a dropzone for category images and also the Database Index Checker which is a great new improvement that should be checked immediately after the upgrade is completed. This highlights any missing indexes or other problems with indexes. Highlighted issues should be fixed by using phpMyAdmin as missing indexes can seriously impact the speed of your website.

Details of all changes are shown in the github issue history, which can be found here : CubeCart V6.1.5 changes.

CubeCart V6.1.5 Upgrade

If you are already running CubeCart V6 or even an older V5 site, then completing this upgrade can often be as simple as clicking on “Upgrade” within the Admin | Maintenance area. However please note the points below and if you are not comfortable with any of these then we strongly suggest that you order the CubeCart upgrade service from us.

  • Put the store into maintenance mode and then always do a full backup of teh files and database before upgrading
  • Always test the store immediately after the upgrade, before taking the store out of maintenance mode
  • If you have made any changes to core files or any of the core skin files then these will be over-written

Our support team are available to perform this upgrade for any CubeCart website, whether you are already a customer of Havenswift Hosting or not – if you would like help or advice, then again please Open a Support Ticket or simply order the CubeCart Upgrade service from us.

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