CubeCart Copyright Message in Multiple Languages

CubeCart Copyright Message in Multiple Languages

CubeCart Copyright Message

The CubeCart copyright message is set in the Admin | Store Settings | Copyright screen and is displayed at the bottom of every page. If your E-Commerce store is setup to only use a single language then this is sufficient but if you use multiple languages, then this functionality does not support multiple languages in the normal way.

However, the CubeCart team have now put a solution in place, which will be released as part of version 5.2.6, which will allow the following style of coding to be entered using the fckEditor “Source” button.

{if $LANGUAGE == ‘es-ES’} Copyright message in Spanish
{elseif $LANGUAGE == ‘fr-FR’} Copyright in French
{else} Copyright in English {/if}

As version 5.2.5 has only recently been released, it may be a few weeks before version 5.2.6 is available. If you wish to implement this solution before this is available, then 3 different files need to be modified – if anyone wants details of these changes, then please contact us and we will be happy to provide details.

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