CubeCart PayPal Commerce Plugin Requires Mandatory Phone Number

The PayPal Commerce plugin is currently the only officially supported plugin for CubeCart but unfortunately this PayPal plugin is written to overwrite the customer address and phone number details in CubeCart with the details held in the PayPal account. This is apparently mandated by PayPal and seems to be a problem for other E-Commerce systems as well.

We believe that this is wrong as a payment provider should not impose on an e-commerce website what information is collected and stored in their system. This causes some specific problems for CubeCart website owners which has meant that many CubeCart store owners refuse to use the PayPal Commerce plugin and continue to use the old, and now unsupported, PayPal Standard plugin. For example, the customer may want a different address to be used within their store account than what is stored in PayPal. Secondly, the main phone number is mandatory in CubeCart but isn’t in PayPal unless you change a setting in your PayPal account to force the phone number to be mandatory, which PayPal actively encourage you to not do ! Customers creating an account in a CubeCart store will have been required to add a phone number but then after returning from making a payment via PayPal, this will be overwritten if there isn’t one stored in PayPal for that customer. This results in the Customer telephone number against the order and on the account being shown as “Disabled”.

The way to fix this is to make the following changes to your PayPal account.

PayPal Telephone Number Settings

1. Log in to your PayPal account at

2. Click on your account name, top right and select Account Settings.

3. Click Website payments.

4. Beside Website preferences, click Update.

5. In Contact telephone number, there are three possible options for Contact telephone:

On (Optional Field) – adds the phone number field to your checkout but it is not required for checking out.
On (Required Field) – requires that your customer enter their phone number when checking out.
Off – removes the field completely.

PayPal recommends that this is switched OFF and this is the default for all accounts but this causes this problem and we strongly recommend that you choose “On (required field)”

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