CubeCart Software Licence Server to be switched off 7th Dec

CubeCart Software Licence Server to be switched off 7th Dec

CubeCart E-Commerce Software

As originally announced over five months ago, the CubeCart team will be switching off their software license key server. This is a consequence of the E-Commerce software having moved to an Open Source model at the beginning of 2015. This means that the admin panel of some CubeCart stores will stop working if :

  • your current store is powered by CubeCart 5.2.14 or below.
  • your current store is powered by CubeCart 4.4.7 or below.
  • It is important to note that stores running CubeCart version 6 and the much older version 3 will be unaffected.

    What version of CubeCart are you running

    Please login to the admin side of your store. On the dashboard (the first page after login) there may be a “Store Overview” tab. Clicking this should show your specific version number. If this tab doesn’t exist there should be a “Store Overview” box on the dashboard which shows the specific version number. Alternatively it is possible to find the version number in the file which is found in the root folder of your store.

    If your store is running version 5 or version 4 and sub-versions lower than the version numbers specified above, immediate action is required.

    What options are available

    Option 1:
    Upgrade to version 6 (recommended), version 5.2.16 or version 4.4.8. These version do not include calls to the software license system.

    Option 2:
    Download the latest version of the major version you are on (v4 or v5) and replace the admin.php file (found in the store’s root folder) with the one from the newer package. This will bypass the software license system.

    All versions of CubeCart can be downloaded here: Any Havenswift Hosting customer running V4 or V5 and using one of our E-Commerce hosting plans can have option 2 done for them under their support agreement by opening a ticket in our helpdesk

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