Important Update to Google Webmaster Guidelines

Important Update to Google Webmaster Guidelines


Google Webmaster Tools

Google recently announced that their indexing system now renders web pages more like a typical web browser with CSS and Javascript turned on, which is a major change from the previous way which was like the old text-only browsers, such as Lynx. Yesterday they also updated their Google Webmaster Guidelines to reflect this change and to point out that website owners should allow Googlebot to access CSS, Javascript and image files and have specifically said “Disallowing crawling of Javascript or CSS files in your site’s robots.txt directly harms how well our algorithms render and index your content and can result in suboptimal rankings

When Google originally announced the change to their indexing system, they also announced a new Fetch and Render tool within Google Webmaster Tools and we suggest that all website owners use this tool (or ask us via a support ticket to perform this service for you) to check that Google can now see their website correctly. We have come across a large number of sites, some using pre-supplied robots.txt files from packaged solutions that block one or all of CSS, Javascript and Image files from all browsers. This will hurt the indexing and search engine ranking of your website if it is not fixed !

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