Launch of new TLD watchlist

Launch of new Top Level Domains / Domain Extensions.

This year thousands of new TLDs, more commonly known as domain extensions, will begin to be launched – the aim of these is to make the internet more intuitive.

Instead of the few generic or country level domain extensions such as .com,, .net etc that are used by most websites today, the new TLDs will give websites the chance to stand out from the crowd and immediately identify what their website is about. For example, if you are looking for a place to have a drink then look for websites with a .PUB extension, or someone might book their room at a .HOTEL or plan their next holiday itinerary at a .TOURS website.

To watch a video with a short explanation of these new TLD’s, please click here

With so many new TLD’s being released, searching for and keeping track of launch dates, and even pre-launch phases like sunrise and landrush, was predicted to be very difficult. However Havenswift Hosting have a great tool to do this for you – our TLD Watchlist. To register click here

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Havenswift Hosting on 05 Jun, 2013

The first new TLD’s are on their way !!

The first New TLD applications have been approved and are gearing up for launch. We expect the TLDs below will be on the market as early as September. If you havent already registered for a custom TLD Watchlist then you can still do so via the link above

.MENU — A domain extension specialized for showcasing restaurants
.PLUMBING — A domain extension for customers to connect with plumbers
.CONSTRUCTION — A place to market, network, and plan construction projects
.SOLUTIONS — New TLD for users to find help, advice, or do-it-yourself tutorials
.DENTAL — A new TLD giving visibility to dentists and related services
.ENGINEER — An online hub for engineering blogs, jobs, and industry & educational resources

Andrew on 09 Jun, 2013

Looking to get a .menu domain for our restaurant so have just signed up for your watch list – what a great idea and simple to use

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