New Firewall IP Unblock Utility

Unblock Your Own IP Address From Server Firewall.

One of the constant battles that all hosting companies have is trying to combat the huge numbers of attempted hacking attacks against servers. One small part of the protection we have in place across all of our servers is a brute force login protection that monitors failed login attempts whether into email, cPanel, FTP or even a simple port scan. If our system detects this happening it will place a block on that IP address for a period of time which will make it appear that the server doesnt even exist. If this happens to a customer because they have forgotten a password or setup a mailbox incorrectly on a new device (say a phone or tablet) then it will appear as if your website doesnt exist as you will get a time out message.

Rather than log a support ticket to ask us to clear the block, a quicker way of checking this and clearing it yourself is to login into your Havenswift Hosting client area, then click on the Support dropdown menu option, where you can now select a new feature which is “Unblock IP Address”. This pre-populates the box with your current IP address (although you can overwrite this if you wish) and the utility will check for a firewall block across all servers where you have an active service (some clients have hosting packages on multiple different servers) and clear any block that exists. It will then show you the cause of the block which you should try to immediately address, otherwise the block will simply happen again automatically. This utility will only allow you to unblock an IP address a few times within a set time period so if you cannot find the cause of the block, then please log a support ticket in the normal way.

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Dale Peterson on 08 Jul, 2013

Great new tool and it will cut down on the support tickets I have to log with you guys when I block myself yet again lol

Havenswift Hosting on 08 Jul, 2013

Hi Dale

You have no idea ! We used to get customers logging tickets every day mainly when setting up email accounts on new PCs or mobile devices and not remembering their passwords or not checkng the mailserver settings through cPanel before doing this. Glad the tool is useful to you

David on 19 Sep, 2013

Excellent tool to unblock IP – really saves time when you have a lot of clients / passwords and mistakes are made.

Nicola Zingarelli on 17 Oct, 2013

Great stuff, unblocked in one second 🙂

Fred Cassman on 10 Mar, 2014

Very handy tool and top service from Havenswift Hosting too!

Steven Bird on 14 Apr, 2014

Great tool, and great service out of ‘office hours’
Another call I shouldn’t need to log with Havenswift 🙂

Graham Jackson on 20 Aug, 2014

Great tool, and thanks to Havenswift Hosting support team for pointing me in the direction of this article as I managed to unblock our site blocked within seconds

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