SagePay to change their pricing structure

SagePay to change their pricing structure

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SagePay have just announced that they are changing their pricing structure with effect from the 1st October 2014 with the aim to make their pricing more intuitive and easy to understand. There are two areas that are changing :

New SagePay Monthly transaction limits

The transaction limits are moving from a quarterly to a monthly limit. This makes much more sense as far as we are concerned as it has always been charged on a monthly basis

New SagePay Terminology

They are changing the names of the two pricing models to make them more easily understandable. VTS (Virtual Terminal) will be called Mail & Telephone Order Payments, and the standard SBS model (which is the normal £25 per month plan) will be called Flex.

Old NameNew NameMonthly PricingMonthly Transaction VolumeOverage Charges
VTSMail & Telephone Order Payments£1510014p
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Jon Richards on 28 Aug, 2014

So by my calculations for the same money, we will be getting a few more transactions – I think it is currently 1000 per quarter for £25 – I make it 50 extra transactions for the 3 month period ? Not a lot but I suppose as it is an increase, we cant complain !

Havenswift Hosting on 28 Aug, 2014

Jon – that is correct ! SagePay didn’t specifically point this fact out in the email they sent out to their partners – they did say about the 350 transactions per month but didn’t point out that this meant an increase and we didn’t notice at the time !

They also said that they will be notifying all customers before the end of September and as a customer ourselves (they are the only payment gateway we use for credit / debit card transactions), we have received our notification email this morning – it does point this fact out in that email !

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