Zopim Livechat Plugin for CubeCart V5 – Free Download

Zopim Livechat Plugin for CubeCart V5 – Free Download


We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of a FREE Zopim LiveChat Plugin for CubeCart V5.

CubeCart V5 currently comes with oLark LiveChat but this new module adds an alternative from, what is arguably, the most popular LiveChat software available today. For details of Zopim and a live demonstration of the chat functionality, please click on the Zopim Plugin logo above and use the chat on their own website. Alternatively, we use Zopim ourselves on our website and the chat window is visible bottom right so come and have a chat with us !

Zopim has a completely free plan (Lite) which allows you to have a single chat agent and allows for one concurrent chat. They also have paid plans (Basic and Advanced) which allow multiple agents and multiple concurrent chats and it is easy to move between packages once signed up and using the product.


The plugin module is simple to download from our website (customer registration is required followed by the placing of a FREE order here) and also easy to upload to your site (We can offer installation of this or any other CubeCart plugin or module if required) and once uploaded, if you go into your Admin panel and then into Live Help you will see the following.


Clicking on the Zopim image you are then able to enable the module and enter your unique chat Site ID which is available after you sign up with them


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Frederick on 06 Mar, 2014

Zopim is a great way to extend customer service! It has helped my business a lot. I can easily answer questions that my customers have and it brings me in touch with their needs and wants.

I am happy such a service exists and that Havenswift Hosting have made a free plugin available for CubeCart V5 – I definitely recommend everyone to add it to their site!


Ron on 08 Mar, 2014

This Zopim live chat plug-in works great! I went to the Zopim site and signed up for an account then copy and pasted the user id into Havenswift’s plugin, enabled, saved and there it is on the site. Its now ready for my customers to chat as an alternative to calling in! The dashboard on the Zopim site is pretty nice and easy to navigate too. Everything from Havenswift is always top notch!! This is yet another top notch product from them!

John on 27 Mar, 2014

Found this to be fantastic when I was approached directly while browsing the Havenswift site. Really makes you feel that someone is interested in you, and if you have an ecommerce site, as we do, then I am sure you can convert browsers into purchasers. We are having this installed as I write so will feedback with our experience once it is up and running.

Nicola on 28 Mar, 2014

Just got this new toy installed in the store, it basically took less than 5 minutes to do it thanks to the support team at Havenswift-Hosting. I wish that 10% of the services I get from other companies would be as fast, responsive and helpful as the one Ian and his team provide 🙂

Thanks a lot, ciao


Peter Andrews on 08 Apr, 2014

While browsing the blog after initially finding the article about how to fix the old style CubeCart V4 RSS feed url, I came across this article. What a fantastic resource to provide for FREE – kudos to Havenswift Hosting for writing and releasing this plugin, simple use and did I already say it was FREE !!

Iona on 16 Apr, 2014

Many thanks to Ian for setting up Zopim on our website, a swift and professional service as ever. Zopim looks a bit more comprehensive than Olark and I’m looking forward to the launch of the new analytics dashboard.

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