CubeCart Copyright Message in Multiple Languages

CubeCart Copyright Message in Multiple Languages The CubeCart copyright message is set in the Admin | Store Settings | Copyright screen and is displayed at the bottom of every page. If your E-Commerce store is setup to only use a single language then this is sufficient but if you use multiple languages, then this functionality does not support multiple languages in the normal way. However, […]

WordPress 3.8 Released

WordPress 3.8 released WordPress 3.8 has been released today and includes a large number of significant changes from 170 contributors with Matt Mullenweg as the release lead. This version is now the second that contains new functionality that was initially developed as a plugin before being brought into the core product. This approach leads to much shorter time frame between major releases with the ability […]

CubeCart version 5.2.5 released

CubeCart version 5.2.5 released The CubeCart development team have announced the 5.2.5 release which is predominantly a maintenance release although it does contain a few minor enhancements What functionality has changed in 5.2.5 from V5.2.4 Gravatar added to product reviews. A bulk deletion tool for spam reviews has been added which works via IP Address and/or Email Address Product options stock level has been added […]

Nominet announces the introduction of second level .uk domain names

Nominet announces second level .uk domain names Nominet has recently announced that they will be going ahead with the introduction of the second level .uk domain names – so for example will be available – this is expected to happen during the Summer of 2014 and the pricing for these domains will be the same as for all other .uk domain available through Nominet. […]

Internet makes history as 7 new TLDs go live today

Internet makes history as 7 new TLDs go live today Seven new TLDs launch in Sunrise today, marking the beginning of a new Internet era. If you register one of these new TLD’s you’ll be one of the first to have a personalised domain extension. Whether you are creating a new website or even complementing your existing one, you are setting yourself up for success […]

CubeCart version 5.2.4 released upgrade immediately

CubeCart version 5.2.4 released – upgrade immediately. Hot on the heels of the recent 5.2.3 release, another upgrade, 5.2.4 has been made available by the CubeCart development team but this time it is flagged as an important security release and ALL current V5 users are urged to upgrade to this version as soon as possible. If you also use PayPal as a payment gateway then […]

CubeCart version 5.2.3 released

CubeCart version 5.2.3 released. The CubeCart development team have just released the latest version upgrade (V5.2.3) of their E-Commerce software. While there are no security related issues included in this upgrade, we would still advise all people running V5 to upgrade to this latest version to take advantage of the additional functionality and a reasonable number of bug fixes / code improvements. What functionality areas […]

Update Adobe Flash & Shockwave Players Immediately for Priority 1 Vulnerability

Update Adobe Flash & Shockwave Players Immediately. Adobe have today released updates to Flash Player and Shockwave Player for both PC and MAC to address a vulnerability that they classify as priority one – which means that it is a very high risk of it being exploited. The newly released versions on Windows and Mac are 11.8.800.168 and 11.7.700.242 respectively and any versions prior to […]

Launchkey Releases WordPress Plugin

Launchkey Releases WordPress Plugin. Coming soon after the official Announcement of the Launchkey Public Beta, the developers have quickly released their promised WordPress Plugin. Installing and activating the plugin was straight forward, especially as we already had a Launchkey account and had paired an iPhone for our initial testing with their own website – this is a one-off task that only takes a few minutes […]

BetterWPSecurity Plugin for WordPress Updated

BetterWPSecurity Plugin for WordPress Updated. Version 3.5.4 released The developers of this fantastic WordPress Security plugin have today announced that they have released the latest version (3.5.4) and we are recommending that all customers using this plugin within their WordPress websites should immediately upgrade. The latest version contains some 20 changes including new languages, improved error checking and reporting (none of which will be too […]

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