Shellshock bash vulnerability bigger than recent Heartbleed

Shellshock bash vulnerability bigger than recent Heartbleed. Shellshock or Bash security vulnerability made public today Another new security flaw has been discovered and made public today in what is probably one of the most widely used interfaces – the command-line shell used in many Linux and Unix based operating systems, including the vast majority of web servers and also MAC systems. It has been described […]

Adobe to patch Reader and Acrobat (yet again) tomorrow

Adobe to patch Reader and Acrobat (yet again) tomorrow In a move similar to Microsoft, Adobe have recently begun delivering security patches on the second Tuesday of each month and are also pre-announcing them. This Thursday the 4th September, they announced a critical (their highest of four security levels !) release for Adobe Reader versions 10 and 11 and Acrobat versions 10 and 11 – […]

Speed up website transfers by reducing TTL (Time To Live)

Speed up website transfers by reducing TTL (Time To Live) What is the TTL or Time To Live setting TTL is a setting for each DNS record that specifies how long a DNS resolver on the internet caches, or remembers, the DNS settings before they expire and a new query needs to be done. TTL in DNS records is specified as a number of seconds. […]

SagePay to change their pricing structure

SagePay to change their pricing structure SagePay have just announced that they are changing their pricing structure with effect from the 1st October 2014 with the aim to make their pricing more intuitive and easy to understand. There are two areas that are changing : New SagePay Monthly transaction limits The transaction limits are moving from a quarterly to a monthly limit. This makes much […]

Throttled (Batch) Sending of CubeCart Newsletters

Throttled (Batch) Sending of CubeCart Newsletters Almost without exception, shared hosting accounts will have a limit on the number of emails that can be sent within a set time period. This can sometimes be a limit per ten or fifteen minute time period but mostly it is a per hour limit. Most hosting companies only allow 100 to 150 emails in total per hour to […]

Important update about the .EU registry

Important information about the .EU registry and domains There are two important announcements regarding the .EU registry regarding their registration platform and also the renewal / expiry lifecycle of .EU domains which will affect all current or future holders of any .EU domain. EURid offline for two days for maintenance EURid is the European registry that manages the .eu country code top-level domain. On the […]

Claim Your .UK Domain

Claim and Register Your .UK Domain We are pleased to announce new functionality on our website to Claim and Register a .uk domain if you are entitled to do so ! Last year when Nominet announced their intention to create a new .UK TLD it created mixed reactions from many people with very heated debates across the internet (and on our blog post) with people […]

CubeCart 5.2.13 Released

CubeCart version 5.2.13 released What has changed in CubeCart V5.2.13 This update has been two months coming since 5.2.12 was release back in early June but is worth waiting for as there has been numerous bug fixes but also some good new functionality. There are no security issue fixes within this release, so there is no immediately urgent requirement to upgrade but it is strongly […]

CubeCart V5 Newsletter Management & Unsubscription

CubeCart Newsletter Management & Unsubscription In CubeCart V5, the newsletter functionality was enhanced to include a basic html template system which is available through the Admin | File Manager | Email Templates program and then by selecting the Email Templates tab. There is a Default Newsletter template supplied with core CubeCart which is a table based html document which displays the store image, provides an […]

Serious Security Hole Found in WordPress All in One SEO Plugin

Serious Security Hole Found in WordPress All in One SEO Plugin. If you run a WordPress website of any kind then the chances are that you will also be running one of the two main SEO plugins – “All in One SEO” created by Michael Torbert. While this is a fantastic plugin (we use it ourselves on this site), and has been downloaded more than […]

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